Wednesday, October 10, 2012

From the House

Bluffton Today

We found the boat, made sure everything was OK and that the rescue dispatcher didn’t send the helo from Tybee. You see, Carlos is a member of the Bluffton Marine Rescue Squadron. When he got the call, he left the game, got in his boat and proceeded to help folks in need. This time, it was only a navigational error and a little inconvenience. Next time, it might be much more serious. You don’t hear too much about the Marine Rescue Squadron, but they are local folks with boats and local knowledge and experience and training in helping boaters, kayakers, swimmers or anyone in distress on the water. Give these good neighbors a pat on the back and remember them when it’s fundraising time. They deserve it.

Sunday the 14th of October is the kickoff of the week long Historic Bluffton Arts and Seafood Festival. This is the work of another group of public-spirited volunteers. This year, Mary O’Neil is the President of the organization and Brooks Williams is the Chairman of the Festival Committee. This is the 8th iteration of this event and these folks have gotten so good at it, the event just appears to run itself.

There is a new feature to the Festival taking place this Sunday, which is a showing of local artists called the “Friends of Bluffton Artists”. There will be 75 or so local artists who have been invited to set up on the porches and in the yards of the various galleries and shops around town. This will be a laid-back showing, with time to meet the artists and have a chat or whatever. They will be exhibiting from 11a.m. to 4p.m. on Sunday, followed by the Blessing of the Fleet, and then a serious oyster roast at the Oyster Factory.

A particularly interesting highlight of the show will be the unveiling of an arts and seafood themed sculpture by renowned artist Kelly Graham. This will take place on the grounds of the Bernie Haag Gallery on Calhoun St. around 2 (ish) p.m. This represents a new, and from all accounts, exciting departure for the multi-talented Mr. Graham. The unveiling will be a dramatic event and should not be missed.

Incidentally, Kelly Graham is also doing the concept design and execution of one of the new, creative restaurants currently under construction in the Promenade next door to Capt. Woody’s.

I think it’s great that we can incorporate the arts in the look of our community. It’s also fortunate that we have such a strong cadre of volunteers to plan and execute the festivals and other venues that showcase the artists, craftsmen, and creative merchants that make Bluffton such a distinctive part of the Lowcountry.