Wednesday, September 7, 2011

From The House

Bluffton Today

We had quite a number of calls on a story that we broke a couple of weeks ago concerning the dog baiting issue. I had a good chat with Chief McAllister on this matter at the time and will meet with him early next week to see where we go from here. It seems that evidence of dog baiting is one of those bellwether activities that really gets the attention of law enforcement, especially those involved in the proactive field of community policing.

We are fortunate to have Chief McAllister in Bluffton, as he is a nationally recognized “community policing” expert, having published scholarly papers on different aspects of this law enforcement specialty. I look forward to hearing his views on how we can rid our community of these despicable forms of animal abuse and all the related activities that go along with dog fighting and dog baiting.

An interesting sidebar to the story has to do with the poor animal whose discovery sparked the widespread outrage since we initially broke the story. The dog now has a name, “Malachi”, and his rehabilitation has become something of a personal matter in the community. So much so that there is an event planned for Saturday, Sept. 24th at 8 pm at Montana’s Restaurant, to raise funds to help Malachi and other fighting dogs that are likely to be discovered as Chief McAllister turns up the heat on this heinous “sport”. The event is sponsored by Three Black Dogs, whose number is 706-3456. Call them for more info and to contribute.

I want to also thank all the friends who called last week to let us know our web site, as well as my legislative email account, was down. It took some doing, but finally the good folks over at Hargray were able to track down the problem and set things right.

As if we needed more evidence that Bluffton punches well above its weight, the Tea Party Express is coming to our little town for an event on September 10th. As the developer of the Calhoun St. Promenade, it has been our policy to host any and all charity or political events on the community space in the center of the park. In keeping with that longstanding policy, we welcome the Tea Party Express and look forward to hearing from some of the heavy hitters vying for the GOP presidential nomination.

From past tea party events, we couldn’t help but notice that our gathering place in the Promenade is always just as trash free and immaculate after the rally as it was before. We appreciate this example of responsible event planning more than you know. I also appreciate the emphasis that these folks place on shrinking the size of government, an issue your representative has been aggressively championing for nearly a decade. When you combine our striving to repatriate more Beaufort County tax dollars back to local needs with an overall downsizing of the state government, it turns out we can do both at the same time. This results, paradoxically, in Beaufort County being somewhat less of a donor county, while at the same time increasing the state contribution to our schools and roads. I’m certainly glad to have the tea party energy working with me on this two-track mission.

Finally, more indicators of the ascending status of District 118 and Beaufort County. There is to be a reception for your representative at the beautiful home of my dear friend Joanie Heyward next Thursday, September 15th. The special guest speaker is my friend and colleague, Rep. Bobby Harrell, Speaker of the SC House of Representatives. For more information, contact Donna Martin at 864-561-3738