Monday, December 28, 2009

He says ... One more time: Don’t drink and drive

He says ...
I hope everyone had afestive Christmas and plenty of good family time. We are getting good reports from the merchants and restaurants around Bluffton. It may be aproduct of modest expectations, but it seems that business around the holiday was apleasant surprise. Of course, there is still another occasion for celebration coming up which should also generate afinal year-end boost for business.

Consequently, I would like to simplify and amplify my Christmas party message and “regift” it for the New Year.

That message is this: DO NOT DRINK AND DRIVE!

My friends Beaufort County Sheriff P.J. Tanner and Bluffton Police Chief Dave McAlister have assured me that every available asset will be on the road during the New Year celebration. If you are impaired, please don’t drive —not even for afew blocks. Have adesignated driver or call acab. Even if you manage not to wreck, you will attract law enforcement attention because they are extremely vigilant and you will notice they don’t care even atiny bit about your excuses.
You will go to jail. Celebrate, but be aresponsible adult about it.

Speaking of responsible adults, I want to extend aspecial thanks to a couple of good friends of mine whose support for our local charities not only makes them responsible adults, but extremely generous adults. Their gifts made the holiday more festive for quite afew Bluffton folks. They prefer to remain anonymous but somewhere in the cosmos, ledger entries are being made.

Now for some year-end housekeeping:

We are moving our local legislative offices back to the Commerce Building in the Calhoun Street Promenade. It is the first building on the left as you turn into the Promenade from May River Road, in Suite 202. Iapologize to any of you who might have tried to call and not gotten through. We were in the middle of the move. While Iwas reluctant to be down for any length of time, Ifigured the holidays would be the best time to be unavailable, even if for avery short time. While the phones are still not 100 percent, e-mail is up ( If you couldn’t get through last week, please give it another try. We are here to serve you.
The South Carolina Constitution mandates the new session begin the second Tuesday of January. This year, that means we officially kickoff on Jan. 12. In anticipation, our newly energized Coastal Caucus is preparing an aggressive agenda including clean water initiatives, tourism and jobs promotion, and the enhancement of the Waddell Center here in Bluffton. In addition, your Beaufort County Delegation, along with our Beaufort County Council, Board of Education and municipal partners, are bustin’ to get at it. This is going to be agreat year for Bluffton, Beaufort County and District 118.

Finally, our dedicated legislative office manager Cathy and Iwant to thank you for all the nice notes and cards we received during the holiday season. The count was nearly 500 cards and letters, which is pretty impressive. What really impressed us, though, was the kindness and generosity of the messages. We work pretty hard to justify your confidence and will certainly continue to do so. Nonetheless, Iamtouched that so many of you appreciate what we do, and were kind enough to write and say so.

It means alot.